Adlai Corpus.

It was summer of 2010 and I was in need for a place to live in Monterrey, somewhere closer than where I had been living for seven months to what used to be my school. For some reason, an acquaintance’s friend from La Paz, Baja California and I were friends on Facebook though we had never met before. One day, while I was checking my news feed, I saw that this girl had recently moved to Monterrey and needed a rommate/new place asap. I was excited, the roommate seach was over.

I remember well our conversations via Facebook chat, both of us looking up places in rent. We found one decent place and agreed to meet at the location. There’s where I met Adlai Corpus, the girl with the long long hair and Asian features. I had never met someone like her, so authentic and so cool. Our friendship developed in ways I did not expect, and we managed to share a bedroom for a year, even though both of us are rather solitary. Not only was she a great roommate but also an amazing friend, who was there for me always and still is.


Today’s her birthday, and a blog post could not describe all the good times we’ve had and the closeness there is between us. She gets me, and I get her. We live far away from each other but I hardly ever feel the distance. I don’t have many friends, but I have her, and she’s not my “best” friend…nobody is. These days, a real friend is really what I call people like Adlai, people who aren’t perfect and let me know and love them in all that imperfection, people who take my hand and invite me to walk with them into that wonderful world of theirs. Adlai is truly a gift, I am SO thankful that she exists.

I look forward to more adventures with you, Ereley! And to many more years of honest conversations and crazy nights in big cities!



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