That orange/carrot fresh juice I got today.

10300165_10153185604706499_3517310905018557770_nYou all know what it is like to have just one moment where things go well, like, perfectly. It happened to me today. I was at one of the cafeterias on campus getting food with one of my friends from school, trying to decide what I wanted, and after a while, I finally knew that what I wanted was some fresh orange juice. I, however, didn’t think it’d be possible to get anywhere around campus…but my friend Pablo said he knew about a place where they served fresh squeezed juice everyday. When we got there, I got very excited to learn that they actually did sell fresh juice, and for $10 mexican pesos, which is less than a dollar…So I got one. I decided it’d be orange and carrot instead of just orange, because at the end of the day, I should be allowed to change my mind if I want to and if the opportunity arises, right?

It’s just like that, a tiny part of the day where things just work out, where you don’t have to go too far to get what you want, and when you go get it and decide you wanted something else, it’s actually better than you expected the whole thing to be. How fucking awesome is that? Can’t life always be that way?

The juice was delicious, and it almost felt as if it, with its bright and vivid colors, were bringing some strange joy to me.


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