Mr. Twin Sister

“Show me your darkness”

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


“Have you ever felt like you would always be alone, like no matter what you do you’d always feel this…” “Inside there’s a real me”…”Is there even a real me?”

“Sensitive”, is the first track of the album, and it will take you to Sade, in a more gallactic yet less dramatic way. You will want to get in touch with your emotions and open up about stuff with Sensitive and Blush; “Rude Boy” , “In The House Of Yes” and “Out Of The Dark” you will put ya to dance being nothing else but your-real-self, including in this,”Medford”, where you’ll have a moment to think about who you really are, and what the fuck does it mean to be “yourself”. Then, in the end, you all you’ll want to do is merge with the sincerity of “Crime Scene”.

How would I describe this album? Gloomy, multifaceted and complex. The music and even Andrea’s voice are really on a new leve. It’s not that the Twin Sister wasn’t already great, but this album does definitely reflect a stronger personality as a band. Seems like Mr. Twin Sister really took some time in their lives to not only write new songs and create highly magical and experimental sounds but to also get to know more themselves as individuals and embody the experiences and feelings developed in that process.


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